Flower domain names for sale.co.uk
Retirement Sale

The following domain names relating to flowers are for sale

They are all owned by me and your price includes the front page of the web site, that's the page that get the site a good listing on Google

When you buy one or all of our sites we will transfer the front page to your hosting supplier and make an modification you wish.

We would however suggest that all the page and the coding is left exactly the same so as not to upset the Google listing, we can change the pictures and the hyperlinks to your existing site.
Make me an offer I can't refuse!!
They are also for sale on www.sedo.co.uk

+44 1725 518157
If you don't buy them someone else will, DON'T miss out!!
  Miraflores Limited is also for sale, there are losses of 280,000 in the company.  
  which give the purchaser a tax loss to be carried forward of  
  56,000 as long as it continues to sell flowers.  
As at July 2012
Domain Names Total Web Site Hits Unique Visitors per month
 per month
Main Domain Names
www.flowerdirect.co.uk 682455 9043
a-flowers.co.uk 264 180
just-flowers.com 33684 27281
1flowers.co.uk 191 141
4flowers.co.uk 264 180
basketofflowers.co.uk 161 97
bouquetsdirect.co.uk 234 146
buyflowersonline.co.uk 232 182
champagnebythebottle.co.uk 236 108
cheapflowersformymum.co.uk 255 181
cheapvalentinesflowers.co.uk 275 166
christmasflowers.org.uk 301 156
deliverflowers.org.uk 189 142
fanstayflowers.org.uk 177 105
florist-direct.com 484 210
florist-surrey.co.uk 605 167
floristdirect.org.uk 231 155
floristdorking.org.uk 232 189
flowersformygirlfriend.co.uk 245 126
floweronlinedelivery.co.uk 74 70
flowersdirectsurrey.co.uk 121 64
flowersflowers.biz 942 376
flowersdelivered.me.uk 171 104
flowerslondon.co.uk 767 294
flowersonsale.co.uk 198 142
freeflowerdelivery.org.uk 209 116
gayflowers.org.uk 3295 1288
giftidea.org.uk 536 169
gifts-online.org 621 177
604 229
knightsbrdgeflorists.co.uk 507 160
knightsbridgeflowers.co.uk 582 261
luxuryflowers.org.uk 572 201
mothersdayflowers.me.uk 159 114
putasmileonherface.co.uk 145 106
sendchocolates.org.uk 200 123
silkflowers.org.uk 1447 415
singlebottleofwine.co.uk 300 145
singleflower.co.uk 83 83
surreyweddingflowers.org.uk 1541 811
valentineflowers.org.uk 300 172
weddingflowersinternet.co.uk 567 208
weddingflowerssurrey.co.uk 407 190
winedelivery.org.uk 516 201


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